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Historic Preservation Consulting Projects
(Most with McGinley Hart)

Project Building Date Description
African Meeting House, Boston, MA c-1806 - 1850 Historic Structure Report
Auditors Building, Washington, D.C. 1878 Historic Structure Report
Central Artery /Third Harbor Tunnel Project 1698 - 1946 Architectural Conservator for Project. Study and evaluation of 525 historic buildings to determine potential impacts from construction.
Clermont, Germantown, NY 1782 Historical Dating, X-Ray
Deshler-Morris Home, Germantown, PA 1772 Structural X-Ray, Historical Dating
Dukes County Historical Society, Tisbury, MA 1750-1820 Evaluate five small-scale buildings for National Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Property
Faneuil Hall Boston Historic Park, Boston, MA 1742/1806 Historical Dating
First Parish Church
Survey and Report on Existing Conditions
Golden Ball Tavern, Weston, MA c-1750 Historical Dating
Hawkins-Mount House, Stony Brook, NY c-1757 Historical Dating, X-Ray
Herrick House, Beverly, MA c-1750 Study of the historical background of building
Hosmer House, Sudbury, MA c-1817 Historic Structure Report, Exterior & Interior Repairs, Adaptive Use
Josiah Quincy House, Quincy, MA 1681 Structural, Historical Dating
Narbonne House, Salem, MA c-1680 Structural Configuration, X-Ray
Norlands Church, Livermore Falls, ME. c-1827/1855 Historic Structure Report, Structural Repair Recommendations
Northeast Corridor Inprovement Projects.
Assessment of Construction Impacts in Historic Districts
Old South Meeting House, Boston, MA c-1717 Historic Structure Report (with SPNEA)
Paul Revere House, Boston, MA 1676 Historic Structure Report, Addendum to
Pennsylvania Ave. Historic District, Washington, D.C.
Study of Total District including all 110 Buildings
Perkins House, York, ME 1732 Structural
Red Church, Standish, ME c-1806 Historic Structure Report, Structural Repair Recommendations
Riis Park, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1931- 1937 Historic Structure Report for five buildings at the Park
Sanford Covell Home, Newport, RI 1869 Structural, Historical Dating
South Church, Andover, MA 1860 Feasibility Study for Repair of Steeple and Inspection of Complex
St. Anne's Episcopal Church, Lowell, MA 1860 Repair of Tower, Roof, Exterior
St. Elizabeths Hospital, Washington, D.C. 1933 Study of Buildings for Effect of Life-Safety Requirements on Historic Elements
Union Baptist Church, Farmington Falls, ME c-1826/1855 Historic Structure Report, Addition and Repairs (with SPNEA)
Wentworth Coolidge Mansion, Portsmouth , NH c-1700 Historic Structure Report
West Parish Church, Andover, MA c-1826/
Feasibility Study for Repair and Restoration of Steeple and Roof of Sanctuary
West Parish Church, Andover, MA c-1826/
Inspection of Cemetery Chapel and Recommendations
West Parish Church, Andover, MA c-1920 Inspection of Stone Memorial Arch and Recommendations