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Residential Projects

Project Building Date Description
Abbott Residence, Weston, MA c-1810 Kitchen, Dining Area, Family Room Renovation, Addition
Abbott Residence, Weston, MA c-1810 Restoration of Fire-Damaged 1810 Residence, and Addition to Residence.
Angier Residence, Medford, MA c-1845 Restoration of Exterior
Cady Hill Condominiums, North Adams, MA 1855, 1865, 1878 Conversion of Three Large Residential Buildings Into Thirteen Condominiums Units
Damon Residence, Chestnut Hill, MA c-1912 Conversion of Barn to Residence
Dart Residence, Wayland, MA c-1820 Addition to Sun Room and Bedroom to Existing 19th C. House
Department of Mental Health, CHOICE Program c-1950's Study of existing buildings for conversion to Group Homes for Mentally Ill juveniles and adults
Deschane Residence, Boxford, MA c-1815 Design for Addition to 19th C. House (Historic District)
Dudley & Salem Streets, Medford, MA c-1890 Design for Conversion of Multi-Family Houses into Group Homes for Mentally Retarded Adults
Edwin H. Abbott House, Cambridge, MA c-1875 Exterior Repairs
Farrington Residence c-1870 Study of required work to restore fire-damaged residence
Felton/Baylor Residence, Milton, MA c-1922 Remodeling of Kitchen
Floyd House, Fire Island, NY c-1760 Historical Dating, X-Ray Examination
Hall Residence, Duxbury, MA c-1885 Remodeling of Existing Dwelling; Kitchen Remodeling
Hamilton Residence, Concord, MA c-1810 Kitchen & Dining Room Renovation
Harte Residence, Westwood, MA 1956 Addition and remodel kitchen
Herrick House, Beverly, MA c-1750 Study for Restoration, Renovation
Herrick House, Beverly, MA c-1750 Study of the historical background of building
Huettig Residence, Chestnut Hill, MA
New Residence
Josiah Quincy House, Quincy, MA 1681 Structural, Historical Dating
Judge Barn Conversion c-1865 Design for Conversion of urban barn into condominiums
Ludwig Residence, Weare, NH c-1815 Restoration of House
Ludwig Residence, Weare, NH c-1815 Kitchen Addition
Lynch Residence, Wayland, MA c-1785 Kitchen & Dining Room Renovation
Milford Residence c. 1780+ Renovation of residence, study
Moxcey Residence, Topsfield, MA c-1910 Addition of Sunroom to Residence
Peabody Residence, Topsfield, MA c-1840 New Porch Addition to historic house.
Sanford Covell Home, Newport, RI 1869 Structural, Historical Dating
Shepard Brooks Estate, Medford, MA 1885 Exterior Restoration, Interior Restoration, Group Home for Mentally retarded adults.
Sloan Residence, Ipswich, MA c-1665 Addition to 17th C. House
Sloan Residence, Ipswich, MA c-1665 Reroof entire building complex
Steen Residence, Boxford, MA c-1765 Design for Addition to Residence
Swanson Residence c-1910 Feasibility study for Restoration of residence
Tyngsboro 689 Housing for Mentally Handicapped
Two new staffed apartments for the Mentally Handicapped.
Weisman Residence, Weston, MA c-1812 New addition to residence, remodeling
Wilcox Residence, Boxford, MA c-1765 Kitchen & Dining Room Renovation
Witham Residence, Essex, MA c-1695 Restoration of Exterior & Interior. Addition to 18th C. House
Woodside Residence, Wenham, MA c-1785 Addition to 18th C. House